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Co-ordinator:  Tony Treglown – 01799 516 707 –

This group, which has been running for a number of years, is in the process of being reformed. 

What is the purpose of the group?

To bring together like–minded members who have an interest in taking photographs and wish to explore the fascinating world of photography.

Do I have to be an expert to join?

Definitely not! The group has always welcomed members of all abilities and experience and has been particularly supportive of beginners. This will not change.

Do I need expensive gear?

No. Any modern camera is capable of taking good quality photographs. It is what the photographer sees through the viewfinder that counts, not the cost of the equipment used.

When will group meetings be held?

We shall continue the practice of monthly meetings each lasting about two hours.

Where will meetings be held?

This is still undecided as previous groups have operated from private houses. This will change and every effort will be made to find a conveniently located venue. This will, of course, incur a cost to the group but definitely not one that will break the bank.

What will be the content of meetings?

We shall aim to cover a wide variety of topics to help us improve and enjoy our photography, including things like:

How the camera works, how to compose a photograph, view and comment on members’ photos, competitions, trips to interesting photo locations, set subjects for members to pursue, perhaps portrait, close-up or photo editing sessions, etc. In short, whatever the group would like to do!

What do I do to join?

Speak to or email Tony, who will need some basic facts (Name, Tel No., email address) from you to add you to the register.

Look forward to meeting you!

Tony Treglown

Telephone 01799 516707 or