Writing for Pleasure 1 & 2


Above photo of the group at our end of term lunch

We now have 2 groups of Writing for Pleasure – Mark 2 starts in January 2019 – see below

Writing for Pleasure 1

Group co-ordinator: Diane Drury – 07870 900 852 – dianejgdrury@gmail.com

Tutor: Barbara Russell Pitman – belston@tiscali.co.uk

We meet twice monthly on Monday mornings from 10.00am to 12.00 noon in our tutor’s home. At the moment we are full but a second group has started – see below.

This group has grown not only in size but in an amazing quality of joyful and supportive performance. New members are welcomed and given individual help on how to begin to express their own thoughts and this sharing is powerful, giving meaning  to  life  through  personal  opinions  and experiences. Each one of us is different. Some have gifts of expressing in poetry, others in words, others in gifts with animals and gardening and travel and others through art and music and spirituality but all of this is enhanced with help from our tutor and supporter, Barbara Russell Pitman, who so enjoys her role that she inspires all of us to be who we are in writing for pleasure.  

From Update
And as we started the autumn term, we filed through Barbara’s gate with the sun shining and the flowers cascading from their boxes in an infusion of colour. The garden and birds a paradise, our members of both sexes bubbling with news of holidays and what has happened during our summer break. Barbara’s husband, as usual, takes our orders for tea/coffee with lots of delicious biscuits already on the table waiting to tempt us. During the next two hours we discuss where we will go for our Christmas meal and ideas for writing subjects. After this, we individually read the stories we have written. For this session the subject was My Gap Year.

It’s quite an experience to listen to people’s imagination and to hear the many variations on the subject and the great stories. Over the years I have done many college courses but, at nearly eighty, I find writing for pleasure so brain stimulating. It’s opened my mind to so many subjects – all you need is a pencil, pad and a comfortable chair and off you go. Sorry TV but you come last on the list now! We congregate every 2 weeks and our subject for the next meeting is a picture of a picnic laid out under gothic columns. Can’t wait!
Christine Housden

Writing for Pleasure 2

Group co-ordinator/Tutor:  Jean Pattenden – 01799 501 046 – jepattenden82@icloud.com

We will meet every fortnight on Mondays from 10am until 12noon at the co-ordinator/tutor’s house in Saffron Walden, starting on Monday 7th January 2019

If you would like to join this new group then please contact Jean.