Writing for Pleasure


Above photo of the group at our end of term lunch

Group co-ordinator: Diane Drury – 07870 900 852 – dianejgdrury@gmail.com

Tutor: Barbara Russell Pitman – belston@tiscali.co.uk

We meet twice monthly on Monday mornings from 10.00am to 12.00 noon in our tutor’s home. We do have spaces –  if you are interested in joining please contact Diane Drury.

From ‘Update’ Autumn 2015

This group has grown not only in size but in an amazing quality of joyful and supportive performance. New members are welcomed and given individual help on how to begin to express their
own thoughts and this sharing is powerful, giving meaning  to  life  through  personal  opinions  and experiences. Each one of us is different. Some have gifts of expressing in poetry, others in words, others in gifts with animals and gardening and travel and others through art and music and spirituality but all of this is enhanced with help from our tutor and supporter, Barbara Russell Pitman, who so enjoys her role that she inspires all of us to be who we are in writing for pleasure.  Join us . it is good!
Sheilah Girgis.Hanna

From ‘Update’ Spring 2015

‘People often ask us, ‘What do you write about?’  Anything and everything.  One simple picture shown to the class can produce up to a dozen completely different stories and poems.
Take, for example, a photo of a large square box wrapped in brown paper.  One story featured a stolen antique vase, another a severed head arriving by special delivery! A recent homework, ‘My Tree House’, yielded stories rich in childhood memories, murder, philosophical reminiscing, and one, the visually surreal.
As I write, this week’s homework will combine two topical events, a ghost story (Halloween) set at the emotive Tower of London Poppy Installation.
We write poems, stories, skits, twist in the tail tales – some so hilarious we laugh out loud, others bring tears to our eyes. And all from people who joined the group saying, ‘I won’t know what to write about’!
Join us and see if I’m right – believe me it’s a stimulating and creative way to start a Monday morning!’
Barbara Russell Pitman (Tutor), Diane Drury (Co-ordinator)

From ‘Update’ January 2014

Our class goes on from strength to strength!! We continue to meet twice monthly on  Monday mornings for a couple of hours in Barbara‘s lovely house and garden or in members’ homes. Currently there are sixteen of us on the register with an average of ten to twelve members attending most classes. As our numbers currently fill up Barbara’s sun room we have a waiting list for new members. However, membership varies so spaces regularly become available.

The key factor for us all is that we have such fun!! We enjoy the writing so much; both during the sessions and at home. It is great to listen to the variety of stories and poems and to marvel at how each individual brings their own style and interpretation to the subjects that Barbara introduces to us. We have gradually come to know the background and interests of each member. The writing is most therapeutic allowing us to explore our ideas, weave in our memories and revel in our imaginations. Members are encouraged to e mail their stories to one another.

We manage to mix our writing graft with a generous dose of social interaction. We all enjoy the trips to inspirational venues like Audley End and Grantchester and look forward to end of term treats such as lunch at The Gate!

In the Autumn of 2013 the group challenged themselves to a new venture! We produced a booklet of stories and poems “Tales of Maze and Labyrinth” to link with August’s Maze Festival. The proceeds were donated to Uttlesford Citizens’ Advice Bureau.We have a few copies left so let us know if you would like a copy. It will give you a glimpse into what we do in class.