New Violin Group

Ann Worthing has kindly offered to run a violin group. If you are interested then please contact Ann Worthing  – or tel. no.  01799 530 983

Ann Says:

I see the group as a self help group for improvers.  I have only been learning the violin for two years and I am about Grade 2 level.  I did not learn music at all as a child and I have had to teach myself to read music.  

However playing simple pieces of classical music and also tunes that I know is extremely rewarding and it would be great to play with a group of likeminded people.  I am thinking the level would be about Grade 2 up to Grade 4.  I certainly don’t 
see myself as the leader of the group but would be happy to be the co-ordinator.  It would be good to have a leader and maybe there is someone out there who would do this.
I thought it might be possible to meet in people’s homes perhaps on a Wed morning once a fortnight?  I feel there might be an interest in this as I know a few people who struggle like me but who are, nevertheless, very keen players.
Maybe starting in the summer term would be possible?
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